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Taking Stock

The new year typically creates a catalyst for shedding the old and moving onto the new. But before we shed, we should consider an age-old practice: Taking Stock. For centuries, people have made time to Take Stock or reflect on their lives. Reflection can help two kinds of people. First, for the Optimist, it helps them identify areas of challenge or difficulty that they tend to skirt away. The, "if you see no evil, there must be no evil" approach. Second, for the Pessimist, it helps them see areas of joy and celebration that they cannot see due to the fog. The "there's no silver lining" approach to life. The end of the year or the early part of the new year is best for reflection.

Here are some simple steps for Taking Stock of the past year.

Step 1: Schedule at least 30-60 minutes of uninterrupted time

Step 2: Find a sacred space in your home, at a cafe, nearby park, beach or trail

Step 3: Take some time to answer these four questions:

Celebration: What went well this past year? What can I celebrate?

Challenges: What didn't go as I had planned? What were some challenges I faced?

Surprises: What unexpected blessings did I experience?

Learning: What did I learn about myself?

Step 4: Think about the upcoming year. What changes do you want to make this year?

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