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Burnout 3: The Biggest Lie We Believe About Workplace Stress Is...

'I can't do anything about it; this is just how things are.'

If this sounds familiar, let me introduce you to the voice of defeat and resignation. We resign ourselves when we give up without resistance. We raise the white flag, when we buy into the lie, 'since I can't do anything, I just won't.'

How do we arrive at this type of defeat? This question leads us to the 3rd section of the burnout definition by the World Health Organization. Burnout is defined in three parts...

  • 1-Symptoms [HERE]

  • 2-Resulting from consistent stress at work [HERE]

  • 3-That has not been successfully managed.

Not successfully managing stress can lead to continued burnout. Resignation forms as consistent work stress plus burnout symptoms (exhaustion, disillusion, detachment, fogginess) leads to negative self-talk.

Formula: Stress + Symptoms = Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk is also know as the voice of the Inner Critic. When stress is ongoing, we can become more vulnerable to this voice. The Critic's main goal is to discourage and keep us paralyzed from taking steps to manage our workplace stress.

As a coach, I talk about the Inner Critic often, because in stressful circumstances, it can be the loudest voice that we hear and follow. This is the voice of negativity, fear, and destruction that shapes our beliefs and thus our actions.

In the words of Charlie Brown...

There's hope! The voice of the Inner Critic only has power when we give it power. This is one of the most helpful tools we use as coaches, Meet Your Inner Critic. When we meet and engage our Inner Critic, we can begin to reframe or shut it's voice.

Don't believe the lie. You CAN do something about your chronic workplace stress. Consider taking these three small and simple steps for some immediate relief.

  • Step 1: Tell Yourself, I can do something about it. Think back on a time that you were in an impossible situation and found your way out of it.

  • Step 2: Tell Someone, I am stressed out at work. Simply by sharing your burnout journey with someone you trust can bring relief.

  • Step 3: Consider Coaching. A professional coach can provide the space, insight, and guidance you need to meet your Inner Critic and battle burnout. Schedule a 15-minute consult with me, Coach Liz, to learn how I personally beat burnout and have helped others do the same. Schedule your consult [HERE].

Don't buy into the lie. You CAN manage your chronic workplace stress! Check out our Burnout Recovery Program by clicking below.

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