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Episode 5: "Do You Need Scissors?"

In today's episode of The Wisdom of the Coaches, Coach Beard and Nate the Great have something to say to Coach Lasso about the need for scissors.

Do you need to cut yourself some slack?

We can be so hard on ourselves. Often, we struggle to believe we are smart enough, productive enough, fit enough, capable enough, valuable enough, and so on. Much of it stems from feelings of not-enoughness.

Understanding that you are enough is critical to self-kindness and self-compassion. People who practice self-compassion tend to be:

  • more satisfied with life

  • more emotionally intelligent

  • more connected to others

  • more optimistic, curious, wise, and happy

  • less self-critical

  • less depressed, anxious, and fearful

Take some time to learn and celebrate that you are enough.

And take it from Coach Liz,



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