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12 Job Search Fails

What's making your job search harder than it has to be?

The most common job search fails can waste your time & energy, and blow your confidence. VOCA Center has identified 12 Job Search Fails from our work with clients. Here are just a few.

  • #1 Lone Ranger: viewing job searching and career discernment as a solo exercise

  • #2 Saying No for People: assuming others don’t want to help, lowballing your network

  • #3 Skipping Informational Interviews: missing out on connecting with others at a company

  • #4 Time Starvation: under-preparing for the time it often takes to land a job that fits

  • #5 Poor Organization: failing to plan and keep track of contacts and applications

Learn about how these and other job search mistakes are plaguing your search. Click below to watch the full 12 JOB SEARCH FAILS video and grab the corresponding handout.

Save your time & energy, and boost your confidence. Job searching doesn't have to be that hard!



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