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Episode 4: "How's Your Balance?"

A career has its seasons. At any given time, we may be working towards building a career or maintaining, reinventing, and even letting it go.

In today's episode of The Wisdom of the Coaches, Coach Lasso assesses his career status:

His assessment of work is a nice warm bath. Sounds like he might be describe his season of work, the building season. The good news is that Coach Lasso is soaking himself (not chocking) on his career. How about you, what season of your career would you say you are in?

  1. Building. Typically happens when you are learning, growing, and developing your skills and experience.

  2. Maintaining. This happens when other life responsibilities are increasing, such as family life.

  3. Reinventing. This often happens after a major life change or event.

  4. Letting Go. This is when you are mentoring others and getting ready to move on to other adventures.

What I'm learning as a coach is that many of us feel as if we always have to be in the building stage. It's almost as if the building never ends.

Life has its ebbs and flows. So why do we live as if our careers do not?

The consequences of always being in the building stage of our career is that other areas of our life may suffer, especially our health and family.

The antidote is a balanced life.

A great way to measure balance is the Wheel of Life tool. The Wheel of Life is designed to help you self-assess balance and satisfaction in eight (8) distinct areas of life.

  • Career

  • Finances

  • Health

  • Family & Friends

  • Marital Status/Partner

  • Personal Growth

  • Fun & Recreation

  • Living Situation

The more balanced the Wheel, the more satisfaction we can experience in life.

How's your balance?

Schedule a free Explore Coaching session with Coach Liz to see how much balance you have and what areas can use a little more attention in the next season of life.

Take it from Coach Liz,



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