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Episode 3: "How To Be Lucky"

Is luck a real or an imagined concept? Do good things really happen by chance?

Well, in today's episode of The Wisdom of the Coaches, Coach Lasso tells us what he thinks.

From the mouth of Coach Lasso... luck is not the headliner; hard work is.

We love stories about hard work and achievement. Remember the training scenes in Rocky movies or the wax on wax off scenes in The Karate Kid, or the classroom dynamics in Stand and Deliver.

There is something inspiring about watching someone train, study, and work hard to achieve their dreams and full potential.

When I was young, staying fit was much easier. As I've aged, staying healthy has become an upward battle. I'm constantly fighting a slow metabolism, hormones, complacency, and just every day life.

So it's been easy to neglect my health, especially in my 40s. Yet, health is all about intentionality and hard work.

Consider what kind of work it would take for you to be healthier. Take a few moments to work through these coaching questions:

  • Learn: If you were to put as much energy in to your health as you do other areas of your life, what would change?

  • Become: What kind of person do you need to become in order to focus on your health?

  • Do: What are some small action steps you can take to become that person?

Take it from Coach Liz,

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