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Episode 2: "What Do Locker Rooms Smell Like?"

What comes to mind when you think of a locker room smell?

Well, in today's episode of The Wisdom of the Coaches, you might be surprised with the answer.

Let's hear what Coach Lasso has to say:

Potential! Huh?

There is great wisdom in Coach Lasso's assessment. No place is more ripe with potential than a locker room. It's a space to be encouraged, challenged, and stretched. It's a place of opportunities.

There are several unique elements present in the locker room that makes potential possible.

  • A Mission. A locker room is full of people on a mission together. Mission creates a clear vision for what is possible.

  • Teammates. Your teammates stretch, nudge, and enhance your potential.

  • Huddles. All teams have huddles (half-time, sidelines, and time-outs) for reflection and correction of the mission.

  • A Coach. And finally, the coach's role is to inspire maximum potential.

Everybody has potential, but the more these locker room elements are present, the more potential can be translated into outcomes!

If these elements were present in your life, what difference would it make?

Consider taking steps to incorporate the missing elements into your life for maximum potential. Schedule a free 30-min Exploratory Session with Coach Liz to find out how.

Take it from me, Coach Liz, when I say...



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