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Episode 1: "Taking On A Challenge"

Ted Lasso is a winner! If you haven't already tuned into the Emmy Award Winning series, Ted Lasso, then get to it! The main character, Coach Lasso is a fun-loving, American football coach hired to coach a soccer team in the UK.

The twist... he doesn't know the game. Despite this, Coach Lasso is full of optimistic, hilarious, and unbelievably quippy wisdom.

As a fellow coach, I will join forces with Coach Lasso to bring you some delightful insight on health, work, family, and overall life in my new series: The Wisdom of the Coaches.

On today's episode, The Pilot: Taking On a Challenge, we will start with the Lasso Wisdom:

Comfort is an American value. We desire comfy cars, comfy couches, and even comfort foods. As a result, we might shy away from uncomfortable situations. But as Coach Lasso noted, challenge is anything but comfortable.

What challenge are you being invited into right now?

  • Your boss asking you to take on a new task?

  • Your health taking a dip?

  • Your relationships need an overhaul?

Taking on this challenge, despite its discomfort, can do wonders to your character. Managers are looking for people with solid character traits, even more so than skills or experience. Skills are easier to develop. Character takes time!

Instead of looking at your challenges with a sour puss face (something Lasso would say), consider what kind of person you are becoming as a result of this challenge.

People who face and engage challenges are more:

  • confident

  • disciplined

  • resilient

  • steadfast

  • focused

  • strong

  • resourceful

  • bold

Which of these could you use more of? How can these character traits impact your personal or professional growth?

Comfort is overrated. Consider your next challenge as a character-building opportunity. Character makes you a better, overall person. Take it from me, Coach Liz, when I say:

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