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Is Your Personality Holding You Back?

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Have you ever considered that your personality might be the thing keeping you from sticking to new habits or following through with your goals?

For example, certain personality types are associated with adopting an all-or-nothing mindset. So when people with this personality type are engaging in new habits or trying to take a risky plunge, they may struggle with procrastination or paralysis. They may believe, If I can't do it perfectly or have 100% guarantee, then I won't do anything at all. From this perspective, everything can seem as a terrifying all-in gamble.

Your personality may be connected to your failure

to stick to new habits or your inability to make a

decision, or take reasonable risks.

Though it's not the whole of us, our individual personality is surely an important part of who we are. It gives us a peak into our inner life. Personalities are neither good nor bad. However, we can either be healthy or unhealthy in them.

I love personality tests. These are wonderful tools to learn how we are wired and a great way to grow in self-awareness. My favorite test is the Core Motivations tool, also known as the Enneagram. The Core Motivations tool uncovers your natural strengths and weaknesses. The more you know about what makes you tick, the more you are able to understand what you need to grow personally and professionally.

The Core Motivations tool describes nine personality types. Everyone has a little of each, but most people are one core type. An easy way of figuring out your type is reading through a description of each. Below are short descriptions to get you started.

The Core Motivations describes nine personality types.

Ones. The Perfectionist. My desire is to be perfect. My fear is to be wrong or bad.

Twos. The Helper. My desire is to be loved. My fear is to be unwanted or disappointing.

Threes. The Doer. My desire is to be the best. My fear is to be useless or incompetent.

Fours. The Artist. My desire is to be unique. My fear is to be forgotten or rejected.

Fives. The Thinker. My desire is to be right. My fear is to be wrong or incapable.

Sixes. The Friend. My desire is to be safe. My fear is to be without support or security.

Sevens. The Optimist. My desire is to be happy. My fear is to be trapped or in pain.

Eights. The Defender. My desire is to be in control. My fear is to be weak or vulnerable.

Nines. The Peacemaker. My desire is to be comfortable. My fear is to be in conflict or uncomfortable.

The strength of the Core Motivations tools is that there is always room to grow and change and live into the healthy expressions of our personalities. We are not stuck with the not-so-good parts of our personality. It does take intentional work and awareness to overcome some of the challenges associated with our personalities, but there is hope.

This tool designed to help us live into the healthy expressions of our personalities.

Learn more about each Core Motivation type by scheduling a free 45-minute coaching session to understand how to grow within your personalty type HERE.

Coach Liz

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