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How Well Do You Manage Transitions?

The saying, if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen is difficult to follow if the ceiling falls on top of you. That's how many people experience transitions.

Do transitions invigorate you or drain you?

When my husband and I moved back to Buenos Aires earlier this year, the transition was bumpier than expected. We had to furnish a new apartment, friends to reconnect with, and daily/weekly/monthly rhythms to restart. Needless to say, we felt overwhelmed 😵‍💫!

We have been in transition since our career break in 2017. We have not had permanent housing or jobs, until recently. And though it has been quite an adventure, it has also been draining.

Depending on your personality, transition can either be invigorating or exhausting. My husband and I are at different ends of the spectrum. For an Enneagram Type 8, like me, change makes me feel more alive. However, for a Type 9, like my husband, it's a nightmare.

How about you, how do think you fare?

Change is inevitable and can be very stressful, even if it's good change. Transition makes us feel cloudy, scattered, and unwound. Some of the most stressful events in our lives are positive, such as marriage and moving to a new place. Consider these 3 questions to make your experience with transition easier.

1) How much time do I need to adjust?

The greater the change, the more time you'll need. I've learned that each time I move from one country to another it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to adjust. It's getting easier, because I have realistic expectations on my adjustment period. If you are not sure, ask others who've weathered a similar transition.

2) What would make me feel more grounded?

Find small ways to incorporate your daily and weekly life practices. The more familiar your rhythms, the more grounded you will feel. My husband and I feel more steady when we rest on Saturdays, take walks in the evenings, and have a date night. Identify those grounding practices and slowly integrate them back into your schedule.

3) Who can support me in this process?

Enlist a trusted friend to check in on you during the transition process. However, some transition requires professional assistance from a counselor or a coach. A counselor helps you navigate your emotions and triggers that stem from your past. A coach helps you move from the present situation to your desired future.

Find out if coaching can help during a career or other life transition. Identify resources, foresee challenges, develop tools to overcome, and navigate change in healthy ways. Schedule a free 30-min Explore Coaching session with me, Coach Liz, at

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