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How Healthy Are You?

Updated: Jun 4

There are many ways to measure a healthy lifestyle. Being free of illness & disease and a good BMI are just some, but there are many other factors that impact our health.

The Wheel of Health is a great tool to assess heathy lifestyle and habits. This assessment helps us see what area of our health needs more attention. Once we are more attentive to these ares, we can add small, but long-lasting habits to improve our health and well-being.

The Wheel of Health is a great tool to assess healthy lifestyle and habits!

The Wheel of Health includes eight areas of health: 1) Exercise, 2) Nutrition, 3) Sleep, 4) Stress, 5) Hydration, 6) Pain, 7) Social support, and 8) Energy level. The tool allows you to assess your level of satisfaction in each area to get a better sense of your healthy lifestyle and habits. Use the Wheel to guide the small habit changes to a healthier you in 2021.

Take a moment to assess your health by clicking HERE to complete the Wheel of Health tool. It only takes 5 minutes to complete. Once you have taken the assessment, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Looking at your Wheel, what are you noticing about the shape of your Wheel?

  • If you could wave a magic wand and improve one area, which would it be?

  • What makes this area on the Wheel important?

  • What are the obstacles/challenges you are facing with this?

  • Imagine you overcame these challenges, what difference would that make in your life?

These are simple coaching questions that help clients grow in self-awareness and self-discovery. The process of self-awareness takes practice, but the more it's practiced, the more attuned you become. Awareness leads to intent and intent leads to action, which is the beginning of behavior change.

I've heard so many client say, 'I didn't realize that...' or

'just saying it out loud is making me more aware of...'

Assess your healthy lifestyle and habits with the Wheel of Health HERE and schedule a FREE 45-minute coaching SESSION with me!

Happy Assessing, Coach Liz

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