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Health & Your Personality: The Perfectionist

Managers use personality tests to help them better mobilize, motivate, and correct staff and teams. In the same way, understanding your personality type can help you on your wellness journey.

As a coach, I use the Core Motivation tool to help clients discover their personality type so they can:

  1. Make health goals that make sense and motivate them

  2. Know how to handle potential challenges

  3. Stay on track

Over the next few months, I will tackle each of the nine personality types on the Core Motivations tool (aka The Enneagram). Today, let's look at the Core Motivation Type One: The Perfectionist.

Here's what the Perfectionist would say: I like things to be perfect. If I really care about something, I will spend a lot of time working to make it right. I can be extremely organized about things I care about. If only people knew how hard I can be on myself at times! It’s as if I have a voice in my head that constantly judges how well I am doing. I don’t like errors, and I hate making mistakes. Sometimes I get stressed out at how much I have to do, and I feel like I have to do it right. Others sometime think that I can be serious. I guess I do like to get things done right, but I like to have a good time like everyone else (CTEDU Core Motivation Handbook).

As you begin to understand your personality as a Perfectionist, you can craft a wellness plan around your strengths and anticipate the challenges that can derail your health journey.

Here are a few tips for The Perfectionist Personality Type:

  1. Because you are detailed oriented... When setting health goals, be specific but don't be obsessive about diet and exercise.

  2. Because you struggle with all-or-nothing thinking... Be aware when you want to give up too quickly when things don't go exactly as planned.

  3. To stay on track... Create realistic expectations for yourself.

If you've been struggling with your wellness journey, understanding your personality type might be just what you need. Schedule a free 45-Minute session with me to identify your Core Motivation and understand how it can help you be healthier!

Stay tuned next week for Type Two Personality: The Helper!

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