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Episode 4: "How To Train Your Dragons"

Episode 4 “How To Train Your Dragons”

In today’s episode, Samina comes face to face with her dragons as she makes the decision to go on a break. The dragons manifest themselves through negative self-talk that gets louder when fears, hesitation, or insecurities rise. The courageous decision to go on a career break can awaken these dragons.

There are three common dragons that might show up on your doorstep if you’re considering quitting your job or asking your employer for time off to take a significant break from work.

The first most common dragon is the Career Dragon. One of the greatest fears of going on a career break is about just that, your career. We spend an enormous chunk of our lives building and developing our careers, so it makes sense that it's a top concern.

Here are some thoughts that might pop up:

  • My boss will never let me go.

  • My business won’t survive without me.

  • It’s career suicide.

  • I’ll lose momentum in my career.

  • I’ll never get a job when I get back.

The second dragon is the Financial Dragon. This is probably the most debilitating for people. We worry about money all the time, and even more so when we think about stopping the faucet of a regular paycheck. Going on a career break is a huge personal and financial commitment, so thoughts such as these may creep up.

  • I have too much debt.

  • I don’t make enough money.

  • You have to be rich to go on a break.

  • I have a mortgage, you know.

And the final dragon is the Family & Friends Dragon. This is where you don’t feel the support or the encouragement of your family and friends, and many may think that you’re absolutely insane. We need the affirmation of the people we love and respect and it’s difficult to make decisions when those you care about don’t understand or support you. This may conjure up thoughts like:

  • My life is not so bad.

  • My partner will never consider it.

  • My kids are still in school.

  • I can’t do this alone.

  • I’m needed here.

  • No one I know has ever done it.

Identifying the most common dragons is half the battle. There is great relief just being able to name your fears. However, once you name them, you've got to train them. Schedule a FREE Explore Coaching Session [HERE] with me, Coach Liz, to learn How To Tame Your Dragons.

Stay tuned for Episode 5 of Career Break Possible!



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