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Episode 3: "But Why?"

Episode 3 "But Why?"

Tonight, Samina is invited to dinner at Becca and Ramon's home to talk further about their career break journey. Becca has so many questions. What motivates some people to take a career break? Discover more about what spurred them on and how they encouraged Samina to find her own motivation.

Why statements are the catalyst for focus and drive. Its purpose is to keep people moving toward a dream, a lifestyle, or a goal, amidst doubts and obstacles. As a coach, I help clients figure out what makes their desires, goals, and dreams so important for them. This is the spark people need to propel them forward and what helps craft a Why statement.

A Why statement is a compelling sentence that will inspire and motivate your commitment to go on a career break. Being able to articulate your Why can make the difference between accomplishment and stagnation. Your Why ignites something in you to get you moving!

In the book Escape 101, the author points to four types of people who want to take a career break: Escape Artist - Explorer - Grower - Recoverer. Understanding your type can be the first step in giving some context to your career break.

Escape Artist: This person is moving away from something, such as a job, a relationship, or a particular environment. This type just wants to get away.

Explorer: This person is seeking new experiences, the true adventurer. This type wants to explore new frontiers, new cultures, and new exploits.

Grower: This person is interested in personal growth and self-development. This type wants time to develop a character trait, learn a skill, or just find themselves.

Recoverer: This person is in some kind of recovery. This type is longing for healing from a failed relationship, an illness, burnout, or loss of a loved one and needs time and space to process.

Which type resonates with you? You might feel that you can resonate with more than one. That’s normal. However, pick the one that makes your heart pump and move you into action. Schedule a FREE Explore Coaching Session [HERE] to craft your Career Break Why Statement with me, Coach Liz.

Stay tuned for Episode 4 of Career Break Possible!



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