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Episode 2: "Gimme A Break"

Episode 2 "Gimme A Break"

The week after Samina ran into Becca, she began to imagine what it would be like to get some real rest and have some time to reflect on her life and work. Every time she thought about taking a break from her career, she smiled. The following week, she eagerly met up with Becca.

Samina: I haven’t stopped thinking about what you shared. I’d love to hear how you took such a leap.

Becca: I didn’t happen overnight. It was a series of events that awakened us. First, I began to notice our daily routine… work countless hours, come home exhausted, order take out, and plop ourselves on the couch. Do it again tomorrow. We were robots. Second, there was little joy in our lives and we never felt rested. Our pace of life was unsustainable.

Samina: That sounds just like me.

Becca: I know. It was like that for our friends too. We constantly complained about it, but we did nothing about our circumstances. One night after hanging out with friends, we came home and I looked at my husband and said, "there has to be a better way to live our lives." We spent the next few months talking, thinking, and brewing. And then of course, planning.

Samina: Was it worth going on the career break?

Becca: Absolutely. Best investment of our lives. First, we had a long enough break to slow down and enjoy. It took us six weeks to slow down our bodies and mind. Next, we had time to exercise and cook great meals. I actually lost a few pounds. Then, we had the space to reflect on our pace of life. It gave us an opportunity to think creatively about how to do life differently.

Samina: Six weeks! It will probably take me twice as that. She chuckled. But the more you share, the more excited I get.

Becca: Why don't you come over for dinner next week and we can share our planning process.


We live in a 'work first' culture in the US. Work takes up most of our waking hours and up to one-third of our lives. This view-of-work can squash our enjoyment, ability to rest and engage in healthy habits, and stifle our creativity. Living in Argentina part of the year gives me a peak into another culture. Argentines know how to enjoy, rest, and celebrate. Work is a means to an end, not the end.

Work is good and an important part of our human experience. However, work takes so much of our time and mind space, it leaves little room for anything else. Where is the joy? Where is the rest? Where is the space to reflect and make decisions that are thoughtful?

Becca shared three important aspects of taking a career break.... Time, Health, and Creativity (THC). Going on a Career Break means more THC.

What would you do with more TIME?

  • Enjoy the world more.

  • Start or continue a hobby.

  • Have more time for yourself, your partner, your kids.

How would your HEALTH improve?

  • Sleep, sleep, and more sleep.

  • Nap.

  • Cook and eat good food.

  • Move your body.

  • Exercise.

What kind of CREATIVITY can come out of a career break?

  • Consider a new career or improving your current role.

  • Imagine a new lifestyle or slower pace of life.

  • Rekindle a dream you haven't tapped into.

What could you do with a little more THC... Time, Health & Creativity? Take some time to reflect on the three questions above and schedule a FREE Explore Coaching session [HERE] with me, Coach Liz, to consider what kind of an impact a career break can have on your whole life.

Stay tuned for Episode 3, when Becca shares with Samina her career break planning process.



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