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Episode 1: "Imagine"

Episode 1 "Imagine"

Samina is an editor for a small publishing company and has been working 12 hour days for the last eight years. She’s 39 years old and doesn’t remember the last time she went on a date or even took a proper vacation. But that's how you make it in publishing, right? After working late, she goes to her favorite cafe and runs into an old college friend, Becca.

Samina: Becca! It’s been so long. What have you been up to?

Becca: Ramon and I took some time off our work and began traveling. We just started an online leather goods store and we're living in Italy. What about you?

Samina: Wow! Italy. That sounds amazing. I've been working at Long Hours Publishing for 8 years. I can't even imagine taking a one week vacation. What sparked this change?

Becca: Well, about 2 years ago, our health started to decline, we were working non-stop, and had little time to enjoy our earnings. So we began talking about the possibility of taking a 6-month career break to explore the world and our career options.

Samina: Six months off? How did you manage that?

Becca: It wasn’t easy, but once we were convinced it was the best thing for our careers and our lives, we went for it.

Samina: I'd love to pick your brain a bit more. Could we meet again for coffee soon? I have so many questions.

They continued to talk and Becca agreed to meet Samina the next week. That evening, Samina couldn't stop thinking about the conversation. She began to imagine what it would mean for her to take a break from her job and get some much needed rest. What would change if she could get a fresh perspective on her current work or pursue a new work possibility?


What if it was possible for you to take a career break? What if it wasn't a just pipe dream? You might be thinking, that sounds great, but how would I even begin this process?

It's simple. It begins with your imagination. Imagining is the process of living out a decision in your mind as if it were a reality. Some of the world’s greatest athletes use this technique. My husband and I have used it to help us make life-changing decisions.

Let’s say you are thinking about moving to another city, starting a new life there. As a coach, I would walk you through a series of questions to help you imagine yourself being away from your family and friends, making new friends, working in a new job, and navigating a new city.

At the end of the exercise, you would share how you felt, what you enjoyed, and what fears came up. If the imagination exercise brought you joy and excitement, I would recommend moving onto the next step. If it causes some serious anxiety, then I would say, it may not be the right time for you.

The imagination exercise is a tool to help you live out your decision for just a few moments. It's one way to inform how serious and ready you are to move forward with an idea or decision.

If going on a career break has peaked your interest, schedule a FREE 30-minute session [HERE] and walk through a simple Career Break imagination exercise with me, Coach Liz.

And... stay tuned for Episode 2: Gimme A Break on Career Break Possible!



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