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Updated: Jun 4, 2021

I love the New Year. There's an air of hope and newness. It's the anticipation of adventure, experiences, habits, ideas, and relationships. This is why it's so common for us to start the new year with resolutions full of new hopes, new dreams, and new habits.

You might be thinking about losing weight, joining a gym, getting a Master's degree, getting a new job, meeting the one, or any manner of lofty goal. Did you know that the busiest week at they gym is the second week of January? And about 75% of New Years resolutions are abandoned by February?

Don't fail before you start. Make your resolutions count in 2021.

Here are five ways to make sure you're part of the 25% success group:

1- Make a clear and measurable GOAL. Obscurity is not your friend, clarity is.

Example: I will start a Masters program in September.

2- Make a clear PATH on how you will get there. A clear goal is just a few nice words strung together. People who plan a clear pathway to their goals are more likely to accomplish them.

Example: I will research and contact Master's programs in January/February.

I will chose my top three programs in March.

I will start the application process in April.

I will complete and send all my applications by May.

3- Make sure your goal and path is REALISTIC. Most people want to go from zero to 100 in no time. You didn't gain those 20 pounds in two weeks, so why do you expect to lose them in two weeks? Be realistic! Give yourself some time to make small adjustments over short periods of time for the long haul.

4- Make sure you have the SOCIAL SUPPORT you need. Everybody needs encouragement along the path. Find people who will cheer you on, but not give you false adulation. Enlist people who will nudge you, but not shame you.

5- Make sure to anticipate CHALLENGES. Be prudent. Know what your Achilles heel is. Take time to think about the saboteurs in your life. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy and the inner critic likes to wreak havoc when we take on new challenges. Be acquainted with your inner critic and anticipate other saboteurs in your life. Be ready to take them on.

Now go and be resolute! Sign up for a free 45-minute coaching session with Coach Liz to work on your New Year's resolutions.

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