My Year of Health

1:1 Private Coaching Program


  • Have you tried everything to be healthier or lose weight?

  • Do you have a hard time sticking with your habits?

  • Are you overwhelmed by the thought of starting up again?

What if I told you... 

  • That your problem is not dieting or exercising?

  • That there are hijackers working against you that you can crush?

  • That you don't have to do any crazy diets or workouts anymore?

  • That you can develop health habits that will endure


Feel better about your body and yourself. Get your health on track with this year-long 12-session tailored wellness coaching program!

 There's A Reason Why You Haven't Been Able To Stick To A Diet and Exercise Plan 


 And 'NO,' it's not because you 'don't have what it takes...

 And you're not going to figure it out by trying a new diet or exercise plan. 

But you already knew that...


Why can't I just be consistent with my health?

I've been asking myself this question for the last 10 years as I slowly gained one to two pounds a year, until I was 20 pounds overweight.

I used to be fit and thin, was what I blurted out in frustration. I was tired of telling myself and my husband that 'today' I would start. I constantly let us both down. I tried exercising a few days a week and reducing carbs, but it wouldn't last. I thought to myself, 

Why can't I just get my crap together? I was so sick and tired of starting a diet or exercise program that I couldn't sustain. So I started to ask,

What's really holding me back?  Let me share with you what I learned in My Year of Health and what I did to get healthy and lose weight.


  • SESSION 1 - INTRO: What can I learn about my past and present health?

  • SESSION 2 - CLARIFY YOUR FUTURE: Who do I want my future healthy self to become?

  • SESSION 3 - IDENTIFY RESOURCES: What resources do I have? What resources do I need? 

  • SESSION 4 - DESIGN A PLAN: What are my concrete goals? What habits do I need to develop?

  • SESSION 5 - INCREASE SELF AWARENESS: What am I learning about myself? Where are my blindspots?

  • SESSION 6 - IDENTIFY CHALLENGES: Who and what are my saboteurs? How can I overcome?

  • SESSION 7 - ENGAGE THE INNER CRITIC: What is your inner critic saying to you? How to quiet its voice?

  • SESSION 8 - HABIT MAINTENANCE: How do I put in place the factors for habit maintenance?

  • SESSION 9- 12 - FLOURISH: How do I stay motivated? What kind of accountability do I need?


  • You're trapped in a cycle of yo-yo dieting where you end up gaining more weight.

  • You start exercising but you are not consistent. 

  • You're tired all the time with little or no energy for the things that matter. 

  • You lack motivation to start any kind of healthy routine. 

  • You are too busy and stressed out right now to add anything else to your schedule.

  • You don't know where to begin and you don't have the energy to figure it out. 

  • You used to be fit and you find yourself wondering if you can ever recover your body.

Throughout this coaching process I feel like I have been able to accomplish things

that I never thought I would have the courage to do.

-Vanessa Leon, Happy Client

My Year of Health

1:1 Private Coaching Program: 12 Sessions

$798/in full   or $84/10 months