Working Together

FollowHappy Work

Discover Your Life's Mission: Video

What is my life's destination?

In this video, you will:

  • discover your life's purpose and values

  • take steps to craft a personal mission statement

  • answer the question, “What is my life’s destination?"  


A clear mission statement identifies the direction of your life, which inspires work you love. 

FollowHappy Work: One-on-one Program

How do I arrive at my destination?

In these one-on-one sessions with your coach, you will:

  • envision your life's work (ROADMAP)

  • identify habits and goals (FUEL)

  • identify strategies to overcome challenges (ROADBLOCKS)

  • discover your natural strengths and motivation (ENGINE)

  • stay the course (MAINTENANCE)

I don't want just a paycheck. I want to do work I love.
That's what I hear clients saying. We spend one-third of our lives at work. It makes sense to do work you love! What would it mean for you to do work that is in line with your purpose and skills? Here's how:
ONE: Enroll in the Discover Your Life's Mission starter video. This is the first stop on the road trip to discovering and doing your life’s work.
TWO: Book the FollowHappy Work program. The goal of this one-on-one coaching program is to guide you through the journey of doing work you love. Create a plan, engage in new habits, identify potential roadblocks, learn about your unique personality and stay focused on the road so you can do work you love or love the work you do.
This program includes six 60-minute one-on-one sessions. Cost: $390 ($65/session)
Starter video is FREE!