FollowHappy Life

The goal of the FollowHappy Life program is to help you

envision your future and what it will take to get you there.

FollowHappy Life is a tailored, individual coaching program for people who want to grow in one or more areas of life. 


This is accomplished through a partnership that focuses on:

  • clarifying future

  • identifying goals

  • developing habits

  • understanding challenges

  • identifying your unique personality

  • building confidence

  • staying the course

This program includes six 60-minute one-on-one sessions. 

Here are some ways I can work with you:

  • Develop sustainable ways to stick to habits (health, self-care, productivity), break old patterns, and maintain them.

  • Become clear on your future vision and purpose and identify practical ways to move forward. 

  • Discover how to pursue your passion or dreams.

  • Stop negative beliefs and thinking patterns from holding you back.

  • Manage significant transitions in life in your career, location, relationships, faith.



Cost: $390 ($65/session)

Are you ready to start your FollowHappy Life?