My Coaching Style

I offer two styles of Coaching: Directed and Traditional.

Directed Coaching is for a client who has a clear goal and needs more direction to accomplish that goal. Sessions would have coach-directed activities to help the client arrive at the desired goal. This coaching style allows for only one area of focus or improvement within the 1-1 Restart Program or Restart Plus+. 

Traditional Coaching is the most pure kind of coaching, where a client wants to make some changes in their life, but isn't quite sure where to start. These sessions are a bit more fluid. This go-with-the-flow coaching allows the client to explore an array of topics from one session to another. 


In both methods, the Learn-Be-Do coaching approach is used. The LEARN portion guides a client through learning questions and activities for self-awareness and to identify unhealthy patterns. The BE portion will guide toward the character traits and values the client desires to uphold. And finally, the DO portion will help the client set realistic action steps and set up an accountability system for follow-through. 

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Image by Andrea Tummons

Restart 1-1 Plus+

Accountability is a huge key to success. People with consistent accountability are more likely to follow through on an action plan or goal. When we feel responsible to someone else for our actions, we are motivated and more likely to perform.  

Restart 1-1 Plus+ adds an 3 extra months of additional accountability. Some clients, who have begun the reset process, feel the need for more care and feedback to keep them going. Don't let your hard work fall through the cracks. Be accountability to others. We are better together!