Hi I'm Coach Liz,

I help deflated and frustrated I used to be fit clients restart their body by taking small and effective steps toward a sustainable nutrition & exercise plan. Restart Your Body in a 1-day course that includes 10 weeks of support and accountability!

Restart Your Body coming in March 2021!

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Restart Your Mind

Most setbacks with staying fit has more to do with how we think than what we do.

As your coach, I will be your guide to identifying and squashing your limiting beliefs.

 Restart Your Plan

No more crazy diets and workouts. Create a plan that actually works for your lifestyle.

As your coach, I will be your guide to developing a plan that has results.

Restart Your Actions

Being consistent has its challenges. Get the resources you need and don't do this alone.

As your coach, I will be your guide to helping you make it to the finish line. 



Choose a service that fits your lifestyle and availability!


More About Coach Liz...

I live in Miami, Florida & Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I'm married to the coolest guy.

I'm funny. 

I'm not perfect. 

I love wine and croissants. 

My Background.

I'm an ICF Associate Certified Coach. 

I have a Master of Public Health degree. 

My Experience.

I worked in Public Health for over 10 years.

I worked as a Pastor for 5 years. 

I have over 1,200 hours of coaching experience.

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Jennifer E


Training for the OLYMPIC GAMES is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and my Life coaching sessions with Liz have helped me keep balance in the midst of such a goal... I highly recommend her for anyone seeking additional clarity and balance in any area of life.

Maryann V

New York

Liz was a gift dropped from heaven. I absolutely loved my time with her. She knows how to empower you, but also to call you out on what needs to be worked on. She was hands down the best coach I have ever worked with!

Lisa H 


Liz is a natural life coach who does a great job of helping me focus, on both the faulty thinking that can hold me back, and the attitudes and habits that can move me forward. She has a warm and encouraging presence, and coaching with her is giving me confidence that I can reach my goals and create the life that I want.


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Liz Sastre, Life Coach



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